What It Means to Romanticize your Life

Romanticize (verb) ro·man·ti·cize:

To describe something in an idealized fashion; even if those things could be considered less than appealing, beautiful, enjoyable, or perfect. Not to be confused with toxic positivity- We’re talking about a positive shift of mindset in everyday life.

So many times we approach life with an attitude of I have to. And we’ve all done it: I could fall over from exhaustion at the moment but I have to unload the dishwasher; I have to go to this sub-par job with sub-par pay; I have to do this thing or that thing, that I don’t really want to do but I have to, right?

Romanticizing your life is about shifting your mindset from an I have to mentality to an I get to mentality.

Make it Personal

Romanticizing your life extends beyond a mindset.

Make it personal. Take action.

Take the things that are less than appealing and turn them on their heads. Similarly, take the things that you enjoy and really enjoy them.

Gotta go unload the dishwasher? Dance while doing it. Gotta report to that office at 8:30AM day in and day out? Show up, do your best, and make a plan to move towards greatness.

Lighting a candle and pouring a glass of wine at the end of a long day? Soak it up.

The truth is that life isn’t perfect. It’s not always tied up in a pretty bow for us, but we get to choose how we approach it. Romanticize it. Every last bit of it.

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