4 Chic Game Day Outfits

Because if the game’s not exciting, at least your outfit can be.

1. Bomber jacket, but make it bombshell.

Pair an oversized bomber jacket with a mini skirt, crop top, and western boots to blow everyone’s socks off at the game.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by an Instagram ad. Alpha Industries got me on this New England Patriots bomber jacket. They’re a retailer out of Knoxville, Tennessee and are known for their American military style apparel. Their NFL, NBA, and MLB sports collabs are truly one of a kind.

Check to see if they have your team represented in their game day style apparel, here.

2. Leather ball or leather shorts?

My answer to this?

…YES to both, please. Do the good old shirt tuck with a pair of leather shorts and booties. For cold weather, you can wear leather pants and a beanie with a pom on top.

Seriously, so cute.

Leather shorts are the perfect solution to pre-fall or warm weather climates. I prefer mine to be high waisted, have full coverage around the booty, and have a draw string so I can squeeze in tight around my waist. Some tried and true leather shorts (and pants) retailers are Abercrombie, Vici, Revolve and Lulus!

3. Jersey for a Dress

When in doubt, order a L/XL and wear a sweatshirt, t-shirt, or jersey as a dress. Add some western or thigh high boots for a super simple but chic outfit.

Etsy is a gold mine for vintage and unique NFL shirts. I found this Etsy seller and fell in love with their vintage pieces. Every football season, I place a mass-order of oversized sweatshirts and jerseys to rock throughout the season from sellers like these!

Shop for your home team, here.

4. Crop it like it’s hot.

Ultra cropped jerseys, denim, and sneaks. Ooph. Absolute fire.

Take your jersey and fold it up like… 5 times. Then, tuck it in your bra for an ultra cropped look. (It should come down to about your upper rib cage.) You can do some baggy denim or cargos with this look. Mid-rise is preferable, but you can still certainly get away with high rise-denim, as well. Add a Nike Dunk sneak and you’re good to go!

For denim, dunks, and jerseys, shop here:

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