Let’s beautifully define your brand.

Hi there, I’m so happy you’re here!

I’m Jordan, the creator behind @EVERYDAYWITHJORDAN on socials! After 4 years of working in influencer marketing, I discovered that I loved building my own brand so much, that I want to help build others.

I typically work on high quality content creation that beautifully represents a brand’s aesthetic, voice, tone, message and mission.

I’m located in Nashville, Tennessee and would love to create social content for your business!

How does it work?

Phase One: Planning.

Phase One includes Social Strategy and a Profile Audit.

Social Strategy: I’ll craft a cohesive mood board that aligns with your branding for content direction with a focus on social media. I’ll also structure content pillars, brainstorm content ideas, and create a monthly content calendar for you.

Profile Audit: I’ll perform a competitor analysis, optimize your bio, hashtags, and identify keywords and trends to use that are industry specific to your business.

Phase Two: Execution.

Phase Two includes Content Creation and Execution.

Content Creation: I’ll come on-site to capture photo and video content. Then, I’ll edit, caption, record voice overs, add on screen text, and submit it to you for approval.

Weekly Posting: I’ll handle all of the scheduling and publishing of your social media posts.

Content crafted with love…