The world of video content is vast! You name it, I have most likely done it! From unboxings, Q&A’s, daily vlogging, event coverage, fashion try ons, UGC, tutorials, product features… The list goes on!

I love capturing the look and feel of a brand from a “lifestyle” lens. This usually means capturing content in an organic yet aesthetic way, really leaning into that grandeur experience. I highly believe in quality over quantity with video content.

My typical creative process with videography involves dreaming up an aesthetic space to feature the brand or product, first. Then, I get to work: filming and editing with beautiful cuts, then adding in color, text, and audio to fully capture the desired experience.

You’ll find my carefully crafted content for brands like Olaplex, Fabletics, Lulus, YSL Beauty, and Uncommon James, published across multichannel marketing efforts for influencer and email campaigns, paid advertising, and even on the Olaplex website.

Take a look at some of my work here!

When you’re done, don’t forget to check out my photography, as well!

Hair Society
Uncommon James
Underwood Rose
Smile Express
Southall Meadows

Don’t forget to check out my photography, as well!