I’m so happy you’re here! My name is Jordan and I was born and raised on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I relocated to Nashville, Tennessee about 4 years ago in my mid-twenties, which was the best decision and leap of faith I have ever taken! Cape Cod is exactly what you would expect it to be, it’s a little cooler (well, a lotta cooler) in the winter and summers are absolutely and blissfully perfect! It’s a wonderful place to go back to visit my friends and family in the summertime!

As for Nashville, this city is amazing! It’s vibrant, life-giving, authentic, fun and dreamy. It has amazing shopping, the cutest restaurants and cafes; and has the best coffee!

After I finished my BA and M.Ed. at Bridgewater State University, I got a job as a high school guidance counselor in Nashville. And since then, I have left the field of education and I’ve explored the fields of marketing, sales, writing and my newest venture- blogging!

I have a husband Drew, and we are in the season of house hunting, which has been super exciting! If you stick around long enough, you’ll learn that Drew is the most caring, supportive and funny human to not only me, but everyone he comes in contact with. He is just the best and I love being married to him!

I have always loved getting dressed up, shopping and creating things. So, I’m excited to share that part of my life with you! I hope to not only add items to your closet and home, but I hope to add a little lightness and brightness to your life, as well!

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