Visit Cape Cod: Like a Local

As many of you know, Drew and I packed up from Nashville and spent one full week on Cape Cod with my family this past month! Before our trip, which was over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, I spent time writing down all of the places I wanted him to see. I wanted him visit Cape Cod like a local!

A couple of the places I jotted down were newer to Cape Cod. These are the businesses that add a delightful, modern trendiness to such a historical place. And then of course, I wanted him to visit the oldies but goodies, too! These are the places that bring back that old, Cape Cod, childhood nostalgia for me.

Ahh, sweet Cape Cod summertime.

Each place, old or new  that we experienced left me feeling like my hometown was one of two things: freshly and prettily revitalized; or quaintly and elegantly preserved.

And THAT is what I cannot wait to share with you all! My hope is that if you ever find yourself visiting Cape Cod, that you refer to this list and can visit Cape Cod like a local!

Before we get to the goods, I linked some of my most favorite outfits from this trip, here!

Okay, now let’s get to it!

1. “The Comah”

Alright, let’s start this list off with a bang. I’m sure that some of you even came here to read about this spot and this spot, specifically. So, here it is: The Beachcomber, or “The Comah” as us locals like to call it! The Comah is where you’ll find the freshest raw bar, the muddiest mudslides and the steepest cliff that leads you right down to the ocean. 

The Comah is located at the top of Cahoon Hollow beach in Wellfleet and is where many people pack up coolers, umbrellas, surf boards and sunscreen for the day! In order to get into the parking lot without any qualms, you’ll want to arrive right when the beach opens. Otherwise there can be quite the wait to get in. 

Quick Tip: Drew and I got there at 3PM on a Tuesday and got right in! We paid $30 to park and in exchange, we got a $30 voucher for food! Also, yes. (I feel like I have to address this.) The news is right about the shark influx on the Cape. The ocean is home to many sharks, and they do swim up occasionally! Always be careful and aware of your nearby lifeguards.

As soon as we pulled into the lot, I was rushed with childhood memories from this place. My Dad would bring my brother and I here every summer, multiple times a summer, in the Jeep, with the top down. And when the sun would start going down, we would sneak into the Comah, to sit at the raw bar before they stopped letting kids in for the night crowd. (This place gets ROWDY at night so there is a cut off time when they stop allowing kids in. Usually around dusk. But, if you are kid-free I recommend staying for their live music that starts around sundown if you can!)

2. Four Seas Ice Cream

Okay, this is another quintessential Cape Cod classic! Four Seas is located on South Main street in Centerville and they’re known for their homemade ice cream and traditional ice cream parlor dining room. They have a full menu full of sundaes, milkshakes, cones and pints!

As a kid, there were many summer nights where my family would do a late night run for Four Seas pints! My go to was always their creamy chocolate chip cookie dough. YUM. On occasion, I would switch it up and go for the mint chocolate chip, too!

Quick Tip: Don’t be alarmed if you order the mint chocolate chip ice cream and it’s PINK! This is totally normal for Four Seas ice creams, yet different from many other mint chocolate chip flavors that we are all familiar with!

3. Amie

Okay, this place stole my heart. This is a newer addition to the village of Osterville and it adds so much delight to Cape Cod! Amie offers an exceptional menu of pastries, sandwiches, coffees and desserts! Amie means “a friend” in french and it opened on Main Street Osterville in 2015.

My mom, sister and I enjoyed a little latte and breakfast before our pedicures on a Cape Cod rainy day! It was perfect.

4. Visit Cape Cod Like a Local at Old Kings Coffee House

Old Kings Coffee House is another newbie, but a goodie! I am so happy to have Old Kings Coffee House on the Cape! This is one of those small local businesses run by a local business owner, who has a heart for our community. That alone makes me happy to order my coffee here. Old Kings Coffee has grown much of it’s notoriety from their creative, decadent, and colorful donuts!

When you’re driving, you’ll be bound to stumble upon Old Kings Coffee House, because it’s on one of the Main Streets of Cape Cod. Us locals call it “28” (short for “Route 28.”) The owner, Mark Corliss (also the owner of Spilt Milk Tattoo in Hyannis,)  is known for his work in raising awareness around breast cancer. On occasion, you’ll even spot a donut at Old Kings that resembles a…. Well, I’ll let your imagination fill in the blank on that one. 

5. Pelham House Resort

This place was so pretty! Drew and I had brunch here and it was great! We ate on the roof deck that overlooked the perfectly groomed green lawn, where just beyond that was the ocean’s edge. After brunch we made our way down to the patio level and enjoyed a mimosa on their outdoor patio, complete with a firepit! This holiday weekend was uncharacteristically chilly, so the firepit really made our experience quite enjoyable!

6. Steve and Sue’s Par Tee Freeze

I can’t write a Cape Cod blog post without including my home away from home, Par Tee Freeze! If you know anything about me, you know that I worked at an ice cream store for 11 years of my life, from the time I was a Sophomore in high school, all the way through grad school, and up until the week I moved to Nashville in 2016! 

Steve and Sue’s Par Tee Freeze is known for its quick service, super friendly (and cute!) ice cream servers; and it’s mini golf course, located adjacent to the barn-like structure that houses all of the sweet treats!

Quick Tip: In addition to serving upwards of 30 soft serve ice cream flavors, Par Tee Freeze is also home to my personal favorite lobster, tuna salad, and chicken salad rolls. Sue herself mixes the salads each morning by hand! Ahhh, the best!

7. Nirvana Coffee Company

In a world full of Dunkin’ Donuts, be a Nirvana Coffee Company. Known for being a flagship for gourmet coffee on Cape Cod, Nirvana is recognized for it’s fair trade coffee and  handmade munchies! I got the goat cheese, fig and arugula breakfast sandwich, and I would order this 10/10 times again!

Nirvana Coffee Company is located in Barnstable Village, along the historic and picturesque road called Route 6A. If you have a whole day to kill, I suggest driving 6A and hitting all of the towns of Cape Cod along the way like Drew and I did on this trip! 6A is 63 miles long, running the full length of Cape Cod, from the Sagamore Bridge all the way up to Provincetown. We started at Nirvana Coffee and ended up in Wellfleet for the afternoon- SUCH a fun way to spend your time on the Cape!

8. Truro Vineyards

Speaking of our 6A road trip, our midday stop was Truro Vineyards. And my gosh, I am shocked that I have lived on the Cape my whole entire life and I have never been here- It is GORGEOUS!

Truro Vineyards is so lively and fun and unique to the Cape. As soon as you drive onto the property, you can see the rows of vineyards that are harvesting grapes for their next wine season. Then you look just to the right of the vineyards and you see an outdoor lawn, equipped with a large tree strung with lights, a food truck, and picnic tables, awaiting your company. 

We were seated in one of the coupled adirondack chairs, set at the foot of the vineyards and we faced a beautiful flower garden. I think the flower garden was one of my favorite things about this place. After we were seated, we ordered the flight of wine so we could taste a little bit of everything and enjoy each other’s company!

9. Mayflower Beach

Okay, hands down the prettiest beach on Cape Cod. Mayflower Beach is located off of Dunes Road in Dennis. Get there at 8AM and stay until sunset. You won’t regret it. I’ll just let this photo speak for itself.

Quick Tip: (More like PRO TIP) If you really want to visit Cape Cod like a local, you’ll need to keep circling around the block for Mayflower Beach parking (up to 5 or so times.) Eventually, the gate attendants will likely notice that you’re circling and will eventually let you in line.

10. And lastly, I thought I’d leave you with the places that are on my future Cape Cod trip list! Follow along on Instagram for my future travels to the Cape and beyond at @everydaywithjordan!

My hope is that over the next 3-5 years we’ll be able to check these places off of our list too!

  • Chatham Bars Inn
  • Cape Cod Winery
  • Sandy Neck Beach ORV Trail
  • Ocean Edge Resort
  • Wequassett Resort
  • The Sandwich Boardwalk
  • The Pilot House
  • The walking trails at the National Seashore
  • The 1856 Country Store (or “The Little Red Candy Store”)
  •  ProvinceTown
  • Martha’s Vineyard
  • Nantucket

Remember, if you’re visiting Cape Cod, make sure you visit like a local.

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