Welcome to my UGC Portfolio! If you’re looking for organic and native User Generated Content to use in advertisements across various digital marketing channels- You’re in the right place! I specialize in creating UGC content in the fashion, beauty, food and beverage, and home décor space that is organic to the brand and captures the brand’s target audience.


The benefits of utilizing UGC in your advertising campaigns are vast and wide. Not only is hiring a UGC creator a budget-friendly option for high quality content- But now more than ever, consumers are searching for relatable, raw, and organic content to influence their buying decisions.

Customer-centric content establishes that genuine trust that consumers are hungry for. They want to see people like themselves using a product and giving an honest review in real time. UGC is a great opportunity for brands to connect with their audience in a unique and authentic way.


My approach to creating UGC uses the hook, problem, solution and benefit model. I offer unboxings, testimonials, daily vlog placements, product try-on and application videos, and product photography as well. Please see examples below of my work and abilities.