How to Make Money as a Blogger in 2022

Let’s hop right into it! Let’s talk about how to make money as a blogger in 2022.

My three main revenue sources are commissionable links, business partnerships, and resale. Let’s chat a little bit about each and some other ways you can make money as a blogger, too!

In business terms, making money off of your blog is called monetization, or earning money off of a business. To monetize your blog, you have to develop a few different streams of revenue to make the dream work!

With that said, there are all types of ways to make money as a blogger, you just have to find what revenue streams are right for you to diversify your income.

Below, I have outlined what my three revenue streams are. As your blog, you, and your business grow, your revenue streams will begin to look more robust, and you’ll eventually be able to add on different streams. As a beginner blogger, I would recommend starting with 1-3 streams at first. Once you feel that you can depend on “X” amount of income from your initial revenue streams, I would suggest either growing those, OR beginning to think of what you’d like to take on next!

That is one of the beautiful things about monetizing your blog and transforming it into a business: YOU get to decide what projects and streams make sense for you, your skillsets, and your audience.

Without further ado, I have outlined the three ways that I make money as a blogger. Beyond that, I have outline other ways that you can make money as a blogger, too!

My Current Revenue Streams:

Revenue Stream 1– Commissionable links: These are product links where bloggers make a small commission off of a purchase made using the commissionable link. These can be found on Instagram stories, blog posts, or even in the link in an Instagram bio. It’s safe to say that whenever a blogger is providing a link to someone, it’s usually commissionable because it’s one of the most popular ways to get a blogging business up and running!

Revenue Stream 2– Business partnerships: This is when a blogger and a brand contractually agree on a service provided. This takes shape in many different ways, but typically consists of content creation in exchange of payment. (The most common business partnerships are called sponsored posts. You’ll find these on an Instagram feed, story or on a blog or Youtube channel.)

Revenue Stream 3– Resale: Because I’m personally, in the beginning stages of blogging, every cent counts! That’s why I include the resale of my clothing into my overall profit each month and you should too! I typically resell on sites like Poshmark, or participate in local blogger “closet sales.”

Each blogger’s stream of income looks different based on what revenue streams they choose to pursue. One thing you MUST consider when deciding on your revenue streams are your innate God-given gifts. For instance if you hate, I mean, despise, loathe entirely ( in The Grinch voice) public speaking; a podcast will likely not be one of your revenue streams. However, if you enjoy creating long-form videos, you may want to expand into the Youtube space.

In your quest to determine what revenue streams are right for you, I would suggest making a list of your strengths and weaknesses, creatively. Then, DIVE HEAD FIRST into what you feel the most passionate about.

Below are some other revenue streams to consider:

  • Podcasting- A digital audio file in story telling or education form.
  • Youtubing- Long-form video production.
  • Coaching (ie. Instagram coach)- Creating a coaching business to help newer professionals in the industry.
  • Blog writing- Written pieces published on a blog.
  • Photography- The art of taking and editing photos.
  • Virtual assistance- Offering administrative services remotely. (ie. engagement services, graphic creation, email marketing, pitching brands for your clients.)
  • Social media management- Offering a service to help manage a social media account. (ie. engagement, answering direct messages, branding, creating and scheduling content.)
  • Author- Write a book.
  • Consulting- Provide expert advice for those newer to the industry.
  • Product creation- Selling a product you create. (ie. presets or an online course or e-book.)
  • Email marketing- Developing email lists and executing email campaigns for your clients.

I hope that this is helpful in taking the next step towards beginning your blog! As always, get in touch with me if you have any questions and don’t forget to sign up for my bi-weekly email with more Beginner Blogger Education articles! To check out similar articles to “How to Make Money as a Blogger in 2022,” and the rest of my blog, everydaywithjordan, click here!

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