Cabo San Lucas, Travel Guide

Celebrating our friends’ 10 Year Wedding Anniversary in Cabo San Lucas did not disappoint! Our vacation was well rounded, with the perfect amount of relaxation, adventure and fun. We relaxed with on-site massages, adventured onto a catamaran for a snorkeling excursion and enjoyed every bit of each other’s company at Villas Las Flores!

I wanted to give you all an overview of some of our experiences and adventures in case you ever make it to the fabulous Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

Where to Stay: Villa Las Flores

Click here for more photos OR to book your stay!

Villa Las Flores is where we stayed for the entirety of the trip. This house is actually owned by one of our close friends, so we were grateful to be able to get our hands on it for such special and celebratory week! The house was gorgeous, located in a private and gated community called The Pedregal, which is known for it’s incomparable granite hillside, luxurious views of the Pacific Ocean, and close proximity to your every shopping, dining and entertainment need.

Villa Las Flores’ 7,000 square feet sleeps up to 18 people and encompasses a total of 7 suites and 8 bathrooms. And that’s before you account for the outside dining space, private patio areas and spacious pool deck. One of my favorite parts about staying at Villa Las Flores was enjoying my first cup of coffee on the pillowed lounge chairs overlooking the waves crashing against the prominent rock formations of Cabo San Lucas. It was absolutely breathtaking!

We spent a good chunk of our vacation enjoying the pool and jacuzzi in the company of good friends …and an excessive number of fun pool floats! We played lots of pool games and even hosted a Summer Olympic Challenge where we all paired up at random and competed in series of games. These games ranged from pool volleyball, flip cup, beer pong, paddle ball and a gator float race. (My teammate Jason and I gave great effort but ended up coming in 3d place… It’s okay Jay, we’ll get them next year!)

For fun, I linked our choice of pool floats here!

Lammy, the flamingo; Charles, the alligator; Volley, the volleyball net; Pong, the beer pong table.

In addition to the magnificent views and living spaces, Villas Las Flores also provides housekeeping throughout your stay and the opportunity to opt-in for private jet and chef services, as well. If you’re on the hunt for a Cabo San Lucas stay that gives you major #travelblogger vibes, put Villa Las Flores at the top of your list!

Where to Relax: Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care

To relax, we used Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care for on-site, full body massages. With a group of 10, we booked our massages two at a time for 30-60 minutes each. They provided us with 3 massage therapists and a coordinator, who helped set up the beds in the living room and promptly called each of us for our allotted time block.

If you’re looking to achieve the foggiest, groggiest and happiest post-massage vibe you’ve ever experienced, you’ll definitely find it at Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care, linked here!

Where to Adventure: Cabo Adventures

Okay guys, THIS was awesome! I had never snorkeled before and I was pretty terrified at first. But I’m so glad I did it! I thought for sure that a snorkeling adventure might be torturous for myself and everyone else involved because there’s something about fish sweeping across my legs and feet that totally freaks me out. But luckily, that didn’t happen in Cabo.

A little back-story: I have this deal with myself that I say yes to things even if they scare me right down to my core. When I left Cape Cod for Nashville, my Mom said to me, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” So, I live by that.

Similarly, when I was about 12 years old, I asked my Dad to take me to a Celtics game for my birthday. When we got there, I was approached to participate in the half-time show, where I’d get a chance to shoot from half-ish court and win a prize! I timidly looked at my Dad for the right answer, and he said, “Absolutely!” to the nice lady. After she walked away he said, “You always say yes to stuff like that.” So, I do.

And I said yes to snorkeling on this trip, which was 100% the right answer. I hopped into the water with no problem with my little flippers on and started swimming. Once I felt brave enough, I took off my life jacket, put my goggles on, took a deep breath, and I dove. I dove deep and saw sights I had never seen before. It was amazing! It’s literally A Whole New World down there if you Just Keep Swimming!

(If you appreciate the Disney references, you’re my kind of people!)

At the beginning of our snorkeling excursion, we boarded a cushy catamaran where the captain pointed out Cabo’s most notable landmarks, like The Arch of Cabo San Lucas and Lovers Beach. So not all of the alluring sights were Under the Sea. (Okay, okay, I’ll stop now!) Once we reached the bay where we would snorkel, we anchored down, threw on our equipment, hopped in the ocean and followed the professional tour guide out to the reef! The water had an effervescent blue-turquois hue. The fish were miraculously bright in color. And the sun just glimmered and sparkled off the spiked surface of the ocean. It was beautiful.

And it didn’t stop there. On our ride back, we were served drinks and lunch and had a dance party on the bow of the boat!

What a day.

I LOVED this experience! So much so that I will probably book a snorkeling excursion on every vacation from here on out!

Click this link, to book through Cabo Adventures. I promise, you won’t regret it.

Until next time, friends!

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