27+ Denim Outfits for Spring 2024

Yes. 27+ Because denim is it’s own Era right now.

Wondering how in the world to style all of your denim staples this Spring? Get inspo on how to wear, pair, and layer your newest denim items with your denim tried and trues this season!

Trending This Spring (and always): Denim on Denim on Denim.

If you’re wanting to hop on the denim on denim trend this season, look no further! These looks are going to have you running to your closet to tear through your oldies but goodies and throw them together in the girliest, trendiest, vibeyist montage.

Denim holds a superpower- It’s timeless yet ALWAYS trending. Spanning across ages, weather, gender, cities, countries, seasons, and shades- When denim is present, it’s always on trend.

Jeans, skirts, jackets, tops, hats, boots- No matter how denim shows up in your closet, I guarantee you’ll be able to recreate at least one of these denim springtime looks for 2024!

Let’s Break it Down

Because “denim” covers such a vast spectrum, I created 8 trending categories that it will be showing up in a major way this Spring:

You name it- I’ve got you covered: Shorts, oversized jackets, denim on denim outfits, dresses, boots, skirts, jumpsuits and rompers, and jeans.

1. Oversized Denim Jacket

Ooo, I swear- An oversized denim jacket is a love language of it’s own. To pull together (really) any look, throw on an oversized denim jacket. The slouchier and more off the shoulder it can be, the better in my opinion. Throwing it on overtop of any black outfit- minidress, skirt set outfit, or workout set, is the best way to pull off this look. Ten out of ten, every time. 

Get the Look:

2. Denim on Denim on Denim

When the trend is trending- It looks a little something like this. Layer the same shade of denim on top of denim, on top of more denim and Voilà. The key here is that all pieces of denim have to be in the same shade of denim- light, medium, or dark. This trend is for the brave, so let’s get it besties.

Get the Look:

3. Denim Dress

The bodycon one, though- I’m drooling. Pro tip: layer a mesh, rhinestone top underneath to add some interest to a bodycon denim dress. Another pro tip? Button up your oversized denim jacket to wear it as a dress and throw on some knee or thigh high boots. It’s an outfit I shamelessly repeat when I feel like I have nothing else to wear. (Just wear biker shorts or a romper underneath- no one will ever know!)

Get the Look:

4. Denim Boots

Let’s GO. Thigh-high denim boots- Talk about turning a staple into a statement. Excuse me while I add all of these to my cart.

Get the Look:

5. Denim Skirt

Does your mind immediately go to Kristen Cavallari, circa early 2000’s on Laguna Beach?? Popped Abercrombie collar, short blondie haircut, flip flops and shell necklace… Because mine does 100% of the time. While that look has been retired for over 20 years now (Yikes, I’m cringing for all of us 90’s babies!) these looks are NOT. Here’s how to bring a denim skirt current into this Spring:

Get the Look:

6. Denim Shorts

Cut off denim shorts. Say less. I’ve had the same pair of denim cut off shorts for over a decade and they still hit the same way they did when I was 22. Once you invest in a good pair, you won’t have to think about buying another pair for a long time. I love the “lived-in” feel of cut off denim mixed with a basic top. Add a blazer for a polished look, a white button down for a cool girl casual feel, or leather boots and jacket for a sleek and sexy vibe. And yes, I’m throwing in Pamela Anderson circa early 1990’s because… slay.

Get the Look:

7. Denim Jumpsuit or Romper

Three words: all-in-one. I don’t know about you, but I’m wearing the jumpsuit with heels to a girls’ happy hour and the romper with boots to a Spring country concert. Add to cart, add to cart.

Get the Look:

8. Denim Jeans

I’m swooning. The way we can take a classic staple item and make it current, cute, and girly for Spring is putting a huge smile on my face. I’m still here for the high waisted denim- And these looks prove exactly why. So so so cute. I LOVE the cargo jean twist with the lace up heels. Might be sporting that look this weekend, so long as this weather is still chilly!

Get the Look:

…And here’s me in some of these looks, proving that you can pick any of these categories and make them work IRL. Have fun styling, my loves! You can shop all of these exact looks on my LikeToKnowIt and Amazon Storefront<3

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